This set of images illustrates my concept for a playground for the City of Devonport, Tasmania.

Neptune’s Garden was a concept I developed to enter into a competition run by the council for an ‘iconic playground’ to be built in their precinct.
The council loved the proposal and awarded us the project with a budget of $300,000.
Neptune’s Garden is a contemporary interpretation of a classic maritime themed playground. It makes reference to the maritime location of it’s proposed location and is inspired by the underwater world of coral gardens and sunken shipwrecks.
The major play structures are abstracted forms of a sunken and broken shipwreck. Surrounding the shipwreck and occupying the rest of the playground is a garden representing the underwater world, full of active, imaginative and interactive play experiences. Throughout the garden are interactive sculptures that I have based on the forms of underwater life. This playground has been designed to mix different ages and abilities.